Pin Spots

"Wow!" is the first thing you hear when walking into a room with pin spot lighting. The truth of the matter is pictures don't do it justice. You have to see it for yourself. Once you've seen it done right you'll never go back to standard house lighting again. You spend a small fortune on centre pieces just to have them either lost in the dark or washed away from dull, banquet room lighting. With pin spot lighting design is highlited, colors pop and guests are swept off their feet the moment they enter. A must for every evening function.


Uplights & Gobos

Brown carpets and brown walls. This is the setting of a standard ballroom. Dull and boring. With LED uplighting you can have any color you want. Purple and blue, red and amber, complete rainbow. The design capabilities are endless. Gobo splashing adds attention to detail. We can cover the walls with exciting designs or even your own custom logos. A great element for events of all budgets.


Cafe Lights

The elegance of a Euro-cafe, the subtlety of an art exhibit, more than simple, seasonal decor. Cafe lights will transform your venue into a mystical wonderland. We install, power-distribute and fade-control every bulb to fit your event's needs. Whether a small, intimate gathering or a full-scale gala, we have the elements to create magic.

EA Systems

Stage Design

The imagination is the limit to what can be created with the right lighting design. Our friends at EA Systems have every fixture and every toy to turn your imagination into reality. No job is too big, no light is too small. EA Systems can design anything you can dream up.